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Why Work With Heart Acquisitions?

No Commissions

There's no need to pay realtor commissions on the sale of your home. With Heart Acquisitions, there are no commissions and we pay all closing costs. That means more money in your pocket.

No Renovations

Think your home needs a lot of work to sell? Save your money. With Heart Acquisitions we buy all of our houses ``as is`` which means you can save yourself a lot of headaches, too! No contractors. No budget. No extended time frames. Just the sale of your home, simple as that.

No Waiting

There are lots of reasons that you might be in a rush. We understand and we sympathize. We know that you want the sale of your home to be smooth, effortless and speedy. Let us get cash in your pocket quickly.

Don’t fall for shady characters and property scams; work with a real, local, property professional.

We can help you sell your home for cash! When searching for a “We Buy Houses” company, there’s no better choice than Heart Acquisitions. We are investors who have purchased homes throughout the Lowcountry with outstanding customer satisfaction. When you decide to sell to Heart Acquisitions, you get our pledge that we’ll buy your house in just days! We’ll work on your schedule to keep the process as convenient for you as possible.

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Are You Facing Foreclosure?

Things happen. We get it. Sometimes you fall behind on mortgage payments due to circumstances outside your control. Illnesses, job layoffs, low commissions. We understand how easy it is to be a few payments behind and then have your mortgage company start foreclosure proceedings. We can help. Let us buy your home and give you a clean slate without a foreclosure hanging over your head.

Are You Going Through A Divorce?

Divorce can be ugly, even in the best of circumstances. Sometimes you just don’t want to wait the weeks or months for your house to sell. You need a new beginning, and the cash from a quick sale on your home could make all the difference. We can help take some of the hassle out of your divorce and give you the fresh start you’re looking for.

Are You Relocating?

Is your job moving to a new city or state? Do they want you to start immediately? It can be inconvenient to wait for your old home to sell, forcing you to live in temporary housing and pay double the amount for housing each month. Let us buy your home quickly so that you can swiftly get settled in your new, permanent location.

Have You Inherited A House?

Sometimes, we are bequeathed a gift that we don’t know what to do with. If you have no intention of living in your grandmother’s home that you just inherited, let us help you liquidate quickly and easily.

Is Your House Unlivable?

Even the most unlivable of houses still has value. As investors, we’ve seen the best and the worst of things. If you think that your home is nearly worthless without tons of money and work, give us a call. A fast and simple sale could be just what you’re interested in.

A Different Approach to Selling Your Home Quickly!

The traditional route of selling your home or unwanted property is outdated; it’s a drawn out process that takes way too long. You are not required to list your home through a real estate agent or pay commissions to brokers.

Heart Acquisitions offers many homeowners a chance to liquidate their property fast. We can help you avoid: foreclosure, making unnecessary repairs, evicting tenants, trying to you divide your home because of divorce.

In these uncertain times, it is still possible to sell your home quickly for cash without the stress and insurmountable costs of a using a Realtor.

When You Choose Heart Acquisitions You Get:

Choosing to sell your home to Heart Acquisitions is a smart move and one that will save you time, aggravation and, most of all….money! Regardless of your situation, we want to talk to you. Don’t let tax liens, crazy tenants, family strife, squatters, or the amount of repairs that you foresee stop you. We can help!

  • No Closing Costs

    We are committed to acting in your best interests. We get there by asking meaningful questions and being genuinely interested the story of your life.

  • No Realtors

    It’s the joy of watching others succeed, knowing we’ve gone the extra mile to coach you through to a place of reassurance and comfort.

  • No Fees or Commissions

    We believe you should understand how much you are paying and what you are paying for. We don’t sell products, and have no hidden agendas.

  • No Waiting or Hassles

    Our firm is founded on the principle of independence – independently owned, independent research and most importantly, independent recommendations.

Yes, You Can Still Sell Your Home For Cash Quickly!


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