Looking to Build Relationships and Invest in Local Real Estate? 

Work With a Team Who Wants to Make an Impact….Not an HGTV Mini-Series!

Looking to Participate in the Local Real Estate Market to Earn Solid Returns on Your Money?

If you’ve been to several house flipping seminars and have watched a lot of YouTube about real estate investing….then you’re in the wrong spot!

At Heart Acquisitions, we understand that when a family or individual needs to sell their home quickly for cash, it’s usually not a good situation. During a stressful time, being kind, respectful and helpful, above all else, is our first priority.

We offer a great opportunity to invest your money in other areas besides the stock market (with it’s huge fluctuations and volatility) or paltry returns on Bonds and CD’s. By choice, we are not 24-hour property flippers, but actual members of the community where we rehab old, abandoned or distressed properties.

If putting others first, investing locally and revitalizing neighborhoods sounds appealing to you, then let’s talk!

Real Estate Investing with a Purpose

Who said investing was easy? It can be, though, when you have expert guidance in your corner. We have a proven track record of buying and selling distressed or under-valued properties throughout the Lowcountry.

Depending on where or what you want to invest in, Heart Acquisitions we can help you identify exactly the right opportunities for your budget and your future goals. We strive to make all of our property renovations part of something greater and take great pride in the relief we have brought to families and the increase in property values we have delivered to local neighborhoods.

This is not a solicitation or offer of securities. Investment in any property is not guaranteed and only offered to qualified investors through a written Investment Agreement.

Interested in Investing in Your Community?