How To Sell Your Hilton Head Home Quick

Updated Tips For 2020!

There is certainly no shortage of tips and tricks to sell your home faster on the internet, but many of these tidbits are not actually written by experienced real estate agents or those who are “in the trenches” of selling homes. By no means are these articles offering bad advice, but many of them are not focused on a specific market or don’t take into account the real world challenges of getting your home ready to list and getting the most money for your property!

In our experience buying and renovating homes here on Hilton Head Island, we have seen time and again the important factors that buyers contemplate when deciding to purchase a home. In this article, we are going to look at several things you can do to make your home more appealing and garner a higher asking price. From simple things like clearing clutter, to the not so obvious ones like hiding family pictures, we are going to share our advice that is based on actual real estate transactions here in the Lowcountry.

When it comes to Hilton Head real estate, today’s buyers are more apt to look at homes that don’t need a lot of work and are “move in ready”. Contrary to a few years ago, many buyers now don’t want the added headache or extra work required to renovate or remodel. They just want the house to be “done”. This is where the experience of a local Realtor can make or break your sale, by casting a fresh set of eyes on potential issues before the sale. If you’re listing your home for sale, focus on these area:


This may seem like an obvious one, but is often overlooked by sellers. We’re not just talking about pulling weeds and cutting the grass here, the outside of your home is like a billboard to potential buyers. What is your home saying to the world? A home that is neat, tidy, and in good repair will show buyers that it is well maintained and thus attract their attention. The outside of your home will also tell buyers what to expect on the inside. Be sure and repair any missing shingles or rotten wood and have your home professionally power washed before putting in on the market. Has your yard become darker over the years as the trees have grown? Don’t let your house become a “drive by.” Now is the time to fix these issues before they have a chance to sour a possible buyer.


Our homes age just like we do. Over time, paint chips, plastic fades, and things get dingy. This is particularly true for faucets and fixtures. Excellent advice we follow from Byron Beach with Winn Supply, our local plumbing supplier: “A quick and easy way to instantly update a home is to change out all the bathroom fixtures.” A new faucet, lighting, and new commode are easy things to replace and can give the feel of an updated bathroom without doing a full renovation. Same goes for hardware, new pulls in the kitchen and door knobs around the house can instantly “freshen the feel” inside your home.


One area that can turn off buyers more than anything else in your home is worn, dirty, or smelly flooring. Tired floors can really give your home a dated feel and stop buyers in their tracks. Let’s be honest here, if your home is over 5 or 6 years old, even a professional cleaning won’t help most carpets! Thankfully, flooring prices have come down in recent years and replacement doesn’t need to be such a financial burden. Still can’t afford to do the entire house? “Then focus on high traffic areas such as entryways, hallways, and the kitchen.”, advises Dennis Dodgson with Dodgson Flooring.


Along with de-cluttering, clearing out large pieces of furniture, old exercise equipment, portable spas, and other big things can go a long way to giving your home an open feel. Is your deck or patio packed with too much furniture or a large smoker? Get rid of it and anything else that takes up too much space. Look at each room and find one piece (or more!) of furniture or “junk” that can be removed. Remember, getting your home sold is the goal and you might only get one chance to impress the right buyer.


When your home is being viewed, buyers want to envision themselves living in “the house” – their furniture, their possessions, and their family. Make the effort to remove as much of your personal items as possible. Take down family portraits, slim down that library of romance novels, pack away sports memorabilia, and anything else that gives off an identity. The mission here is to make your home as neutral as possible. Remember, if you want to sell your house faster, it make take some sacrifice.


A light and airy home is always more appealing. Do you have some dark areas? Is that back bedroom dreary? Think about changing some of your window treatments or painting a room or two. One of the lease expensive and most impactful things you can do before you list is fresh paint. Pete Fontana with Fountain Painting offers this tidbit, “In the color department, go soft and light!” Also, don’t forget that trees and shrubs can drown out natural light as they age and grow. Thinning trees and pruning bushes around windows can do wonders for opening up your landscape to let more natural light into your rooms. Also, don’t forget to have the windows washed before the home goes on the market.


This may sound extreme, but the fact is, a staged house that is accessible without an appointment shows better and sells faster. The best thing a homeowner can do is move out, take their belongings, and stage the home to sell. This helps in several ways, but most importantly, your home is always ready to show. In addition to easier access, an empty or lightly furnished home appears much larger. If moving out is not possible, consider renting a storage unit and moving half of your belongings.


One thing that we have seen derail more real estate transactions than anything else is the property inspection. To avoid this possible catastrophe, pay for a home inspection before you list. This will save you money in the end. Be proactive with any repairs before they have a chance to stop a closing. An experienced Home Inspector can give you a heads up if there are major or minor issues with the plumbing, mechanical, structural, or electrical components in your house. It is best to repair the items before listing the home since they create red flags in the minds of the buyers. They can then assume the home is not well maintained and that there are other hidden issues.


Having an experienced Realtor in your corner can not only net you more money on your sale, but increase the chances of your home selling quickly. Many people today think that the internet has leveled the field when it comes to selling their home “for sale by owner.”  Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, the internet, social media, Search Engine Optimization, and enhanced Multiple Listing Services has only made it much harder for a homeowner to attempt to sell their property on their own. Years ago you could put a sign in your yard and an ad in the paper and have a decent shot of selling your home, but today, there is an enormous digital revolution in real estate. A professional Realtor now has huge market reach with numerous online tools and apps.

Remember The Easiest Option To Sell Your Home Fast On Hilton Head!

All the tips above are tried and tested and we’ve used them ourselves first hand. But there is an other option…sell us your house for cash today! We make it easier than having to do anything above, just a quick call and you could be rid of the headache of cleaning, listing and making repairs.