Why You Should Sell Your Home To An Investor: 9 Reasons To Skip A Realtor

When it comes to selling a home, the majority of people work with realtors because that’s the way things have always been done.

Yet not everyone has had positive experiences working with realtors. Sure, they’re professionals who know what they’re doing, but it doesn’t always benefit the homeowner. If you’re tired of relisting when a realtor doesn’t work out, or you’re looking to avoid the complications of the process, there are plenty of reasons why working with an investor may benefit you. It’s definitely worth considering.

Investors Buy Homes As-is

If your home is run down a realtor might not even want to work with you. If they do, they may request that you complete a list of repairs before they’re willing to list and show your home. Investors will never require that of you. When they purchase your home, they’re already aware of what needs to be repaired. They’ll draw up an offer that reflects what they’ll need to spend with respect to repairs. You will never be asked to pay for repairs or lift a hammer when you deal with an investor.

Investors aren’t concerned by the extent of any damage. Water damage, fire damage, and mold damage aren’t an issue when you work with an investor. They’ve seen it all, and they’ll work with contractors to handle the problems after the sale.

Investors Can Help you With Foreclosure

When your home is in foreclosure, you have a short window in which you can sell your home to avoid that foreclosure from being completed. In most states, that period of time can be as short as 90 days.

If you know you aren’t going to be able to settle your debts with the lender, you need to sell your home fast. Selling your home to avoid foreclosure may still damage your credit, but it isn’t nearly as significant as allowing the foreclosure to be completed.

Time is of the essence in this situation. You are trying to avoid a serious problem. You might not have the time to select a realtor who would be willing to list your house, and even if you do, there’s no guarantee that the realtor you select will be able to sell your home before time runs out.

Investors regularly purchase homes in foreclosure and they are familiar with the process. They’ll be able to help you work with your lender and to arrange a short sale if needed, and close the transaction before the foreclosure period comes to an end. You might not know what to do, but an investor does and they know how to do it quickly.

You’ll Never Have to Relist

When you work with a realtor, you enter into an agreement that the realtor will have a set amount of time to sell your home. If your home doesn’t sell before the period expires, you’ll have to relist with the same agent or restart the process and find a new agent who is better equipped for the job.

Investors aren’t looking to find someone else to purchase your home. There is no searching for a buyer. The investor purchases the home directly from you, and what happens next is solely in the hands of the investor. They’ll find a regular market buyer or renter after they’ve prepared the property, and by then it’s no longer an issue you’ll have to be concerned about.

Investors Pay Cash

Realtors can find someone to buy your home, but they don’t fund the buyer. Only a financial institution can do that. The majority of buyers don’t purchase a home entirely in cash. They need a loan approval from a lender to purchase your home. Sometimes a buyer will enter the purchase process and be denied the loan. You’ll have started all the work only to find out that the buyer can’t make the purchase after all.

Investors have their own money. The purchase comes completely in cash and they’ll never need to be approved for a loan. What they offer you is what you’ll get. Don’t worry about delays or complicated escrow processes. An all-cash purchase makes things so much easier.

Investors Buy Homes in Bad Neighborhoods

When you purchased your home, your neighborhood was probably well maintained and orderly. But there is no guarantee that the wonderful neighbors you moved in next to will be there when you go to sell your home. There might be a chance that your neighborhood has gone downhill. It could now be difficult to find a buyer who would be interested in your home. Even the best realtors can struggle to sell homes in a declining area.

An investor is not going to live in your home. Their goal is to purchase your home and complete any upgrades that will attract a buyer over time. There is no reason for you and your realtor to search high and low when an investor is willing to take on that responsibility.

No Commission Fees

Realtors don’t work for free. The average realtors will take a 6-7% commission on the sales price of your home. There is no reason to deal with commission fees when working with an investor. Nobody is entitled to a part of the sale. Working with an investor is similar to a retail transaction: the goods are presented, the money is exchanged, and everyone is happy in the end.

No Closing Costs

The closing process can involve a lot of fees in a traditional real estate transaction. Transfer fees, tax adjustments, etc. can be costly. With an investor, those fees are no longer your responsibility. The closing is the investor’s burden, and they will pay all costs. The accepted offer is always the same and is exactly what is contained in the contract.

Quick Closing Process

All of these benefits culminate into one major benefit. The lack of agents, commissions, closing paperwork, and repairs allows an investor to go from Point A to Point B very quickly. Since investors already have the money they need, and no one except yourself and your investor needs to walk away satisfied by the deal, the closing process can be rapid. An investor can close on your home in as little as a week. Once you accept an investor’s offer you can start packing, and by the time you’re finished your sale will be completed.


Are you wondering how to sell your house to an investor? The internet can be a useful tool when finding an investor. These phrases generate the best results:

  • Sell my house fast in (city)
  • (City) home cash buyers
  • We buy houses (city)

Since you’ll likely find many results, compile a list of different investors in your area. See if any of them offer a free consultation before choosing one. You’ll want to choose an investor who not only has the best cash offer, but is also straightforward and has excellent communication skills. Other qualities to look for include:

  • Responds Quickly
  • Is Upfront and Honest
  • Will buy your house in any condition
  • Can visit your home in person and give you an offer
  • Understands your local real estate market
  • Will close when you need to


Are you wondering how to sell your own home? As this article has shown, if you need to sell your home fast or are selling it “as is,” you may not have success with a traditional home sale.

This is where Heart Acquisitions come in. We will pay cash for any quality home. The closing process is quick. At Heart Acquisitions our core value is a commitment to help renew our neighborhoods and to provide affordable housing for future generations.

As part of our community-oriented values, you, the homeowner, can always request a breakdown explaining how we arrived at the purchase price. We will go over every line item on the purchase contract and any other paperwork before you sign it. We’ll be happy to disclose our plans to rent, sell, assign, or demolish and rebuild the property after we buy it. Finally, we promise that we will give you honest advice and opinions whether you end up selling your home to us or not.

Please call us at (843) 227-1918 with any questions or to come take a look at your property.